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Over the years we have achieved immense experience in offering services relating to Sales Tax/VAT in the USA and other countries’ regions. With the help of experienced professionals, we provide these services to our clients in a cost-effective & personalized manner.

Services mainly include the following:

1. Registration with respective authority and obtaining necessary Registration Number.
2. Procedural Compliance by way of computing Sale Tax liability, E-filing VAT/CST returns, routine correspondence with government authorities.
3. Issue of necessary forms & Certification.
4. Assessments and appeals/representing assesses before Sales Tax authorities at various level

The tax applied to the final sale of a product or service in the US is called Sales Tax. Unlike VAT or GST, sales tax is not a flat rate that is applied to your invoices across the board; it differs from state to state and product to product, not to mention the ten thousand plus taxing jurisdictions in the US you might be obligated to remit the tax to.

Complex US sales tax compliance

Each state sets operates its compliance regime, which creates complex variations in:

Which goods and services are liable to tax (e.g. food and clothing is often excluded)
Invoicing requirements (e.g. legal basis of tax)
Registration requirements with each state authority
Reporting timetables and deadlines
Sales tax returns
Fines and penalties for non-compliance
Tax audit processes
Such differences mean it is important to plan the best structuring of invoices and in which state the tax should be recognized. Careful planning at the outset is vital to ensure any queries from the tax authorities are kept to a minimum.